Safety and Sustainability

了解诺贝尔动力公司对人民安全的持续承诺, our communities, and our environment.


Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere

All accidents are preventable. Injuries, illnesses, 环境破坏并不是商业活动的必然结果. ag亚游app网站的核心价值“零伤害”意味着零可记录职业病, injuries, fatalities, preventable transportation incidents, environmental releases, and process events. 所有员工、承包商、供应商和业务合作伙伴都坚持这一价值观.

We live this value by:

  • Promoting safe behaviors
  • Training and following safety systems and procedures
  • Identifying and controlling hazards
  • Looking after ourselves and each other

Safety is personal. At Dyno Nobel, ag亚游app网站有两种方法来识别可能影响ag亚游app网站自己和周围工作人员安全的情况和做法: Take5! and Safe Act Observation (SAO).